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Gel Nails In Columbia SC

Show off your hands and feet by visiting Sparkle Nail Spa's gel nails service in Columbia SC. Gel nails can last for up to two weeks, and look as new, as the day you got your manicure, or full set.


When you go the Gel Nails route they look more natural than acrylic, and can be worn with, or without polish. The process is easy, odorless and not much nail filing is required. Our quality Gel can be applied over the top of an artificial tail tip, or directly on to the natural nail. Following when the gel is applied, the nail is placed under a UV light, or placed in water with the no light system. This will harden, or cure the gel. If you are trying to grow your own nails, this is a wonderful method to strengthen, and protect them. In fact, the long term goal with gel nails is to eventually have your own nails under the gel, which would eliminate the need for tips. The gel becomes an extremely strong base coat that goes over the top of your natural nail. Once your nails have grown out, all that is required is maintenance once or twice a month. One of the best things about gel nails is that they do not harm your natural nail.



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